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AG Barn Info


LCISD Ag Barn Info.

LCISD Ag Barn Project Interest Entry

The district establishes dates for Lead HS Agriscience teachers to enter interest of students who would like to raise animals for show purposes at the district ag barn facility.  These date deadlines will be discussed with students in class as well as with parents at chapter FFA and booster club meetings.  Students and their parent/guardians need to notify their HS agriscience instructor prior to these dates so the instructor can properly enter project information into an LCISD secure data entry system.

As always, this information is entered to note interest but does not secure a space at the barn. Barn spaces are assigned as space allows with student grade level and species of project animals as first consideration.

Note: The CTE department sends out an email to all those students (parent/guardians) that they will soon be receiving a barn packet that includes a cover letter that details the deposit cost along with the barn contract and information sheet. Students and their parent/guardian need to submit all items back to the LCISD CTE department or ag barn manager in a designated timeline noted in the letter/packet.

Fall Period – Project enrollment
Winter Period – Project enrollment
Summer Period – Project enrollment
Fort Bend County -
·         Steers
·         Scramble heifers/ Open halter heifers
Major/Spring shows –
·         Steers
·         Open halter heifers
Fort Bend County –
·         Poultry (Turkeys, Roasters, Broilers)
·         Swine, Goats and Lambs
Major/Spring shows –
·         Heifers, Scramble Heifers
Major/Spring shows –
·         Poultry (Turkeys, Roasters, Broilers)
·         Swine, Goats & Lambs
Dates for enrollment – November 1-14
Dates for enrollment – Feb. 1-14
Dates for enrollment – August 1-14

 Mr. Thielemann is the Foster FFA HS Project Supervision Instructor who will input data into the system. 

See sample forms below for details.


Ag Barn Info Heidi Schneider 8/20/2015 124 KB
Ag Barn Contractor Approval Process Heidi Schneider 8/20/2015 202 KB
Personal Item List Heidi Schneider 8/20/2015 50 KB
Stall Checkout Heidi Schneider 8/20/2015 129 KB



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